3 thoughts on “Dear Sunday- March 28, 2021 #sol21

  1. I kind of like the idea of numbering items to indicate importance. And other than that, I could write a similar letter to Sundays. I’d like to write a letter to 3-day weekends. Those are the ones that lead to relaxation for me.

  2. I wrote about Sundays today as well. Your post made me wonder what I’d say to Sunday in a letter. I like the approach you have – lists, numbers, built in rewards. Comparison is the thief of joy (someone smarter than me said that) so I say : If your Sunday system has worked this far for you, celebrate it. I think it’s splendid!

  3. I love how you personified Sunday and wrote to them! Your letter tells so much about you as a list-maker. So do the ending 2 hasktags! Thanks for sharing. Have a good school week!!

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