7 thoughts on “March 29, 2021 #sol21 Blog Fail!

  1. I actually had noticed this awhile ago, but thought I was doing something wrong or that maybe you set up your posts in advance and WordPress was keeping the original date. I struggled when I went from a Google search to your blog and when I went from the main link to your page I have on my blog. At one point, I thought you had left the challenge, but then realized the solution was just to find you on the Two Writing Teachers blog. I probably should have let you know, but I thought it was something I was doing. I use Blogger so I am not sure how to help, but I’m sure someone has the magic.

    It doesn’t seem to matter the platform, as soon as we change our theme we can expect a bumpy road! The good news is we have all been able to find your posts this month.

    Sorry about the challenge! Good luck.

      1. This happened to me too because I set up all the March SOL posts ahead of time. It actually then defaults to posting it on the day in February that you set it up. You can change the date and time of publishing. If you are editing the post, It is on the right side of the page. At the top you click Post and then click on the date/time and you can change it.

  2. Your slice today shows your frustration but also the kind of problem-solver you are. Can anyone help? Plan B kind of person. Vent but move on kind of person. I ended your slice feeling confident that once you have time, you will connect with WordPress and figure it all out. Isn’t their a school vacation in your future??!!

  3. Oh my goodness I just googled this same problem this afternoon. Payanar’s solution above is exactly how I fixed it. I too set up my template on February 27 so they ended up in all sorts of places. I was so befuddled much like you.
    Easy fix just takes a little while to change the dates and poof all’s well again!

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