There Can Never Be Too Many Books!

#sol21-May 25, 2021

It is that time of year! Even though we are still in school (until June 11) we are online, so it is time to move classrooms again-ugh! This will be my third classroom in my fourth year at this school and to be honest, I have lost track of the number of classrooms in total. I have to say, it does not really seem to get easier.

At this school we are lucky to have absolutely amazing TAs who make the moving process as painless as possible. I have to be honest though- I have my own criteria for awesome… There are the people who walk in and say “Wow, you have a lot of books!” with awe and wonder in their voice and then there are those who say almost the same thing, but with, perhaps, a bit of a sneer or eye roll.

When the books were packed last week the TA who works with me was in on day one and set the bar high. The TA who was in the next day did her very best to keep her packing up to that high standard (and succeeded). Unpacking began today and the superstars of today asked for my system of organizing books, immediately earning star status too and we got so much done. We fit more into the classroom (even allowing for Covid distancing that seems likely to persist in August) than I might have guessed and the overflow fit (sort of, more or less) on a shelf just outside my room and the grade level piazza.

You know you have the right TAs when they pause over books, admire covers, flick through pages as they go. At least one left with a borrowed book today and others made promises of borrowing soon. I am so happy to be in the presence of other book lovers and as nervous as I am about moving to a new grade level seeing all my book friends in a new classroom gave me a little zing of excitement. I may have added about 40 new books to the library in the last two weeks… there really seems to be no stopping my book buying habit.

Meanwhile, my current class has extracted a promise from me that they will still be able to borrow books next year!

5 thoughts on “There Can Never Be Too Many Books!

  1. It says a lot about you that your classroom moving process is so centered around books! I would have loved to be a student in your classroom and borrowing all your books. Good luck with a new grade level next year!

  2. Yes, indeed, Erika! You can never have too many books, and it sounds like you are living it to the fullest. So glad you have amazing TAs! That does make such a difference.

  3. I love how your library has brought so many booklovers together, staff and students alike. And you are so right; no such thing as too many books! Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  4. I’m with you – there can never be too many books or stopping the book-buying habit! There simply is no substitute for books in hands if we want kids to love reading and to grow as readers. Also – your are so right about the TAs and their extraordinary support.

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