What Award Would You Get?

#sol21- June 1, 2021

We are winding down this long and complicated year and today I was reminded yet again how much I love this class! They are always up for new ideas. We had a unit Who We Are to start the year and now we are reflecting on how we have changed since then. They spoke on a Flipgrid to their peers and the teachers they will have next year.

Today, in part inspired by Pernille Ripp, I had the third graders create two awards- one they would give themselves as a reader this year and another for a book they read this year.

Here are the awards they have given themselves so far:

  • Best voices for every character
  • Late to graphic novels
  • Thinking about main characters and what they do
  • Books made me read more
  • Big reader
  • Reading more
  • Reading into the night
  • Actually reading sometimes this year
  • Better at inferring words I don’t know
  • Read a book until 12 am
  • Starting to read chapter books
  • 30 minute reader
  • Reading an hour a day, getting excited, and learning lots of new words
  • Ninja
  • 2 hour reader

These readers have grown in these ways and more this year, in spite of being online for more than half the year. In the coming days we will make reading plans for the break (they have already created a Jamboard with reading challenge ideas they would like to try). What’s not to love???

6 thoughts on “What Award Would You Get?

  1. I love this idea as I think about how to conclude this year. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love the ones that “quantify” beyond a description. I can easily be the “Read a book until 12 am” or “Read at 6 am” when on the early rising plan! Great way to use Pernille’s ideas!

  3. Oh, I love those awards they gave themselves. So clever and creative. Yes, what’s not to love about that sweet bunch of learners.

    Sadly, I’m afraid my pandemic reading life has suffered. I would also receive the “Actually reading sometimes this year” award. I have a few books under my belt, but not nearly my 40-60 books when life is normal.

    Erika, I left a comment on my blog about the Open Write poetry going on this summer. I’ll put the lik here too. 🙂 http://www.ethicalela.com/openwrite/

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