Summer Wishes

#sol21- June 29, 2021

I did make a summer wish list- kind of a combination of challenges, goals, and want-to’s. I did/do have some things I have to do this summer.

When I read Kate Messner’s introduction to Teachers Write yesterday I took her at her word. I have participated in this every summer and always get out what I put in, so I knew she had wise words (which seemed to speak directly to me).

As I sat on my balcony this morning breathing deeply I could almost smell the squishy ground between the trees. I could feel the cool rock as I flipped it over. I could see the worms and assorted insects burrowing deeper in the ground to be safe yet again. I could also feel the smooth skin on the lucky days when I found a salamander I could inspect for a minute or two before I put her back and she skittered away. I was 50 years younger. Always being someone who burned easily I was the one in the shade on those endless sunny summer days of so long ago.

Today it is a different kind of summer giving me the shade I need. Instead of turning over rocks and schlepping through the mud I am mostly staying in my apartment and finding my adventures via the pages of books. It is a solitary summer of not going “home” to see family again. I know I am lucky to have this quiet time, because it is true, the 16 months have been exhausting and this is how I can breathe more deeply. Rumors of another lockdown? Grab another book and go to another place or time.

My #bookaday is allowing me to feel all the feels. This summer I am crying and laughing. I am imagining which readers may “need” the book I have just finished. I am trying out genres that are not my favorites and surprising myself sometimes. I have books that make me think and books that let me not. I am traveling vicariously.

I am also writing- notes from pd, lists, letters, serious, and silly- there is room for it all this summer. Traveling backwards and forward in time this way is what need too.

May your summer give you some space and time to breathe deeply.

11 thoughts on “Summer Wishes

  1. I’m sad that you cannot travel yet, but happy reading gives you the sense of it. I always think I’ll read more in the summer but fill my days with exercise and yard work and when I finally give myself a break, fall asleep reading. I shared my Teachers Write reflection as well. Happy reading and writing!

    1. I am always happy not to have a yard! Teachers Write is always an important part of my summer- I enjoyed your share and the horses inspired what I may write about tomorrow.

  2. Love your final wish, “May your summer give you some space and time to breathe deeply.”
    May you have safe travels at “BookLove” and other cyber locations!

  3. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the lockdown rumors will not come to pass, but I am glad you have a plan. I, too, use books to lose myself in other times and places, especially this past year.

  4. Erika,
    I love how you took Kate’s prompt and shared both from your childhood and now, the Summer of 2021. Beautifully written with such descriptions and lots to compare the two times in your life. I was also reminded of your request for books. Those 5th graders who I asked on your behalf gave me a list of books you need in your 5th grade classroom. I’ll send it to you in an email! Enjoy the shade today!

    1. Thanks- I actually wrote a longer version in my notebook. I love the Teachers Write work every summer! Thanks in advance for the book lists- I am frustrated that I cannot get all the books I want (somehow older books cannot be shipped here:().

  5. Erika, I can understand that feeling of wanting to go home, but also the quietness and relief that comes from staying back. Enjoy your book a day! It has been quite a few years since I’ve joined in the Teachers Write activities. I’m looking forward to trying it again this summer.

  6. The idea of breathing runs through the different blogs I have read today. Sounds fabulous: to breathe to read, to write. I wish you a summer filled with what you need and some pleasant surprises as an extra gift.

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