Summer Rain!

#sol21- July 6, 2021

I have a new summer routine- I am a storm chaser. Now that might sound a lot more active and dangerous than it really is, but…

I LOVE my balcony and never spend enough time on it. This summer I am taking more opportunities to read and write there (okay, yeah, I may also people watch, but I see that as pre-writing).

It is the rainy season here in Phnom Penh and I love rainy season, so I am having lots of fun reading and writing in the rain (and as a bonus I am not getting sunburned). This morning I was enjoying my tea and a good book and I heard a roaring. I inhaled deeply – the heady scent of rain, and knew what was coming. I put down my book to watch it unfold. I looked to my right and I could see the blackened sky. A minute later the rain came down the road. The storm may have been slow moving, but the rain pelted down. I could see it coming closer and closer, but in my balcony I was more or less protected. Life here continues in the rain- sidewalk vendors have their umbrellas up for sun protection any way and any unprepared pedestrian just ducks into a doorway. The moto drivers may pause to pull out their raincoats or not. The storms are fierce, but not usually long.

Living on the corner gives me a perfect view- I can see the path the storm is taking and watch the chain of events as laundry is brought inside, some windows are closed. The street to my left often floods, but once the rain stops the heat dries it up pretty quickly.

There is something so freeing about being out in the rain, but not getting really wet and several times in the last few days I have headed out purposefully waiting for the rain to come. I love to watch the little kids who slosh around delightedly and remember my own younger days when I would gleefully put on my bathing suit and (wash my hair” in the rain. I have never been a raincoat or umbrella lover- always feeling like I will dry off when it is over. Here I realize this is a privilege as many people have to deal with regular floods in their homes.

Days like today give me multiple opportunities to enjoy the rain-in fact as I write I think I hear the distant rumble of thunder…I do love summer rain! Another excuse to pick up my book!

5 thoughts on “Summer Rain!

  1. There’s a terrible beauty in storms, and you capture it well. Watching them roll in, fierce but short, not fearing getting wet but rather embracing it and knowing you will dry…much metaphor for life in this as well. I would love that balcony, too!

    1. Your piece really captures a beautiful moment and the feeling of a good rain storm. I love the images of people not really stopping what they are doing, but adjusting to the rainy conditions and moving on. I do agree with you that there is something freeing about a good rain. Keep enjoying that time on your patio to read, write, and observe.

  2. Erika, I love this post about your delight in the rain. I too love the rain, but showers here are few and far between. I think it’s been two years since we had a good rain. I love the description of your corner apartment. That would be perfect to see the rain rolling in from two sides. Wonderful! Enjoy this quiet summer of reflection, writing, and people- and weather-watching.

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