Wait, What?

#sol21- August 2, 2021

All school years start in a frenzy- I know that… I think I am starting year 30 as a teacher…

This year I think I am battling “purposeful unlearning”. Last year we ended the year online and I really tried to convince myself that this year would be all in person. Somehow staring up this year I seemed to have forgotten lots of what I used to know. What settings do I need to change on Seesaw? Struggle! As I start to figure it out-— all of a sudden my new class is archived (not by me)…I cannot face redoing all my settings now- that will be a tomorrow job.

Okay, so let me look at Zoom again. I do not want last year’s students coming into the room by mistake, so I have to change the password. Ack, update needed. Guess it’s lucky I am looking at this now.

Okay, I’ll print off all of my student passwords to keep handy. Hmm, one of them has the wrong year of graduation (they all have that as part of their user name). “Good catch!” the tech coach says, but I wonder how it wasn’t noticed last year…

We are starting with an elementary unit, Who We Are, centered around community and wellness. We had 90 minutes to work on this as a team, but once again there were things that made this challenging due to settings and sharing. We got a lot done, but it never feels like enough.

Tomorrow we will “meet” our new students on Zoom and then Thursday morning it is back to online school for real- a new classroom, a new team, a new grade level. Five of the students are students I taught in grade 3, so maybe that familiarity will inspire me to remember how I do this online teaching again:)

It’s almost that time- a most wonderful (though stressful) time of year. I know I will sleep well Thursday night after I check off that first day.

9 thoughts on “Wait, What?

  1. Back to school already? I always live reading about the communities you foster. It will all come back to you once the kids arrive. Best of luck and enjoy!

  2. What mischief comes from the tech gremlins! Those “familiar/almost normal” interactions that were automatic . . . Take a deep breath! It will all work out!!! ❤

  3. Wait! What? is right, Erika. Didn’t summer just start? So you are going back online for a time? I’m sure all will be remembered when you get back to it. All the best on Thursday and great restful nights before and after.

  4. Goodness, it feels so early to head back to school, Erika! Whatever happened to going back to school in September (after Labor Day).

    Good luck with your grade level change and the beginning of this new academic year. I know it’ll be great!

  5. Setting up the computer don’t create the same feeling as setting up a classroom. Let’s hope that everyone’s tech works on the first day of school and you get to smile to your students and see their smiles in return.

  6. So much to try to remember, and somehow when it’s not tangible — like a stack of books, or a set of rulers — it seems to evaporate. But it will come back to you. After 30 years, your skills and resilience are well-honed!

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