#pb10for10 #sol21- August 10, 2021

Last year I missed writing a #pb10for10 post so this year I started thinking early. I had a theme and a list (books that make me cry), but it was too heavy. Plan b- books I can read easily online (yes, we are online AGAIN!), well, if I included books on my Kindle I could make it work…Instead I went with plan c (and on time!).

Books We Need to Start This Very Different Year

I have moved from grade 3 to grade 5 and five students were in my class two years ago, so I have to be sure that books I repeat are worth it, after all there is never enough time to read all the books I want to read, so this list includes a mix of new (to them) and worth a reread. As a bonus half of them are available, so my students can reread at their leisure online.

Outside, Inside– As we are starting online and some students have had very little “outside” lately I wanted to remind them that we are all in this together. This was our first book last week.

The Bad Seed-This book is one that a few students had read already, but we had a great discussion about fresh starts, not limiting yourself and more. (This book is available on Epic).

What the Road Said– Some people recommend this as an end of year book, but it was another great discussion starter as we talked about making hard decisions and being brave enough to go your own way.

The Word Collector– This is one students may have already heard, but I really hope to get them excited about being word lovers and excited to grow their vocabularies. We are also having the students choose one little word as we begin the school year. Three students speak English as their first language. (This book is also on Epic).

Your Name Is a Song– This group will not have heard this book yet and what a beautiful way to celebrate the diversity in our class. We have none different home languages in our group and started the year with a Seesaw post where fifth graders shared their name and pronunciation.

You Matter– I am guilty of often telling my class how much I love them and I mean it! Community is something we will really focus on, especially as we begin online and want to value all that everyone has to offer.

The Day You Begin– This book may be a repeat for some, but a great reminder that we can always support others more and be open to new friendships. We have two students new to the school and classmates have already volunteered to be their buddy and help them figure things out.

Watercress– Watercress is definitely a food that is common in this part of the world. We will soon embark on small moment writing and focusing on family traditions is always a good way to mine for stories that are important. (You can find this on Epic).

No Voice Too Small– Fifth grade is a year where students often really come in to themselves and are ready to take on more leadership. Near the end of the year in IBPYP schools like ours they will be a part of Exhibition, a culmination of their elementary years. This book is fab because it combines great mentors with mini biographies each with an accompanying poem. We can use this as springboard for so many things throughout the year. (Yup, on Epic also).

Honeybee– We have a hive on campus and bees always have fascinated me. This book will fascinate the students with its narrative nonfiction combo. Last year’s class was literally on the edge of their seats as we got to certain parts. It is a god opportunity to talk about community and “doing our jobs”. (This book is also available on Epic).

So, there is my list of books we will read in the first seven days of school (we started last Thursday). New chances, strong community, celebrating diversity, and using our voices will lay the foundation for the year ahead. These books will be mentors we can come back to in many different situations.

13 thoughts on “#pb10for10

  1. This is a wonderful collection. I found some new titles. Sorry to hear that you start in DL. I wish the year will bring you many many reasons to smile and laugh together with your students.

  2. What a great list! I just read What The Road said and agree that it’s a great book to start the year. You’re the second person who has recently mentioned this honeybee book, so I’ve added it to my list to check out. Enjoy every moment of sharing these beautiful books with your students.

  3. Erika, You are hitting your first weeks out of the park!! I loved reading the details related to intention. Your WHY is heard loud and clear. Your students are so fortunate that you care so much to create a purposeful Plan C. I appreciate you sharing. My students don’t start until 8/30 and you have given me the nudge to be intentional as I start to plan. You are a gift! Thanks so much.

  4. Erika, I love your three ideas for your #pb10for10 post. All three were great ideas, and I love this place where you landed for this post. Beautiful books to start a new year. You have given me lots of new ones to check out. I do love The Word Collector. I often have used that one at the beginning of the year too. I love that you have a bee hive on campus. What lessons there!

  5. I love the list & that you’ll have some students again. I always had students two years & some three, a joy to know students so well. I’ve read each one except What the Road Said which I need to find. And each is a gem to use for nurturing, thoughtful discussions, identity. Thanks, Erika

  6. I love this collection. Some of the titles are new to me, and some are greatly loved and familiar. I also think it’s great that you give such thought to how you’re establishing your classroom community, and how books are at the centerpiece of that. You’re a kindred spirit, for sure.

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