#sol21- September 14, 2021

I know it is not just me, and in some ways that helps. This has been the longest, rollercoasteriest 17 months of my life. Some days I feel just fine and others not so much- and that is just days- it actually varies minute by minute. I found the perfect tool to express it- a Mood Meter!

I was in a workshop this weekend and we used it as an inclusion- we could choose two words we were currently feeling and explain them or not. My moods seemed in opposition to each other…

Today at a team meeting I pulled it out as an inclusion to start the meeting and again- words that seemed to pull at each other- exhausted and inspired may have been what I chose, but after a few minutes of the meeting I could feel other moods arise. I used to feel like my feelings were more aligned, more slow to change- but for the last 17 months- not so much.

I had a lot more written here that I have just deleted, because I am sure all of you can fill in the blanks with your own story of the moment- your now, and there is some comfort in that. We are alone, together in the feelings that have felt so overwhelming off and on for these last 17 months and I know it has been more rollercoastery for many.



5 thoughts on “Moodmeter

  1. Yes, indeed, Erika. We can relate. I’m quite even-keel, and like you, my feelings change slowly. Normally! However, seventeen months! I don’t like to count; it has been so long. I hmmm relate to the colors and emotions on the mood meter. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. A rollercoaster ride is the perfect image to describe what I’ve been on for all these months. Nearby is an Amusement Park, Kings Dominion and their long, up and down coaster is called the Rebel Yell. Reading your post reminded me of riding it – the ups and the downs and the speed and the feeling in my stomach. Thanks for attaching the link. Also, I thought about you lots this weekend as the news was all about 9/11 remembrances. I still am so glad we tours the 9/11 Memorial together. Wondering if we can ever been in NYC again together?! Pondering this definitely places me in the blue-red zone. May today be more of a green-yellow zone day, my friend.

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