Feeling a Bit Blah

#sol21- September 21, 2021

Today I am feeling kind of blah. It is International Day of Peace and I am missing the “special” school days that can get kind of annoying in an “everyday” school year overfilled with busy.

We are still online and the kids are actually being remarkably good sports about it. We heard rumors a few weeks ago that we might be in person as of September 15, but that turned out to not be so, although the secondary did return yesterday.

In Cambodia they have started to vaccinate children ages 6 and up, so opening elementary schools may be on the horizon, but it feels like a distant hope some days.

I realize the blah is me sometimes- this morning’s Zoom was too jam packed and I felt for the kids as they tried valiantly to keep up. I have to remember what a great class I have- I am grateful for them all!

Tomorrow is another day and in grade 5 we have designated it as Wacky Wednesday, as we have a PD Day on Thursday and a holiday on Friday. Hopefully that will bring some light to us all- I am in for wacky (at least my version of wacky (not COVID-19’s)!

I leave you with something to brighten your day- a video of an international collaboration for Peace Day, one we still managed to play a tiny part of, in spite of it all. Tomorrow will be a brighter day!


3 thoughts on “Feeling a Bit Blah

  1. Oh, Wacky Wednesday sounds great. I wonder what will happen!

    I enjoyed watching the International Peace Project video. “In a world of hate, be a light.” Beautiful.

    I participated in the peace project a couple of times with my Bahraini kindergarteners a few years back.

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