Yep, One of “Those Days”

#sol21- October 20, 2021

Last night we found out that the elementary school at our PK-Grade 12 school had received permission to open (the secondary school has been on campus for a few weeks). That still did not mean we knew when, so this morning was a little unsettling. I had hoped we would know something before our morning Zoom, but no luck. I told my class that it felt like one of those days it was lucky that my head was attached so I couldn’t forget it- everything felt a bit topsy turvy.

This morning in Zoom I took an informal poll asking when students thought we would be back on campus- my guess was the soonest-Thursday. My teammates were also all over the place in their predictions.

The whole day felt a little off- complicated by the fact that it is accreditation week and we have a virtual visit of about 10 educators from several organizations working on verifying our self study, so we are in extra meetings, have visitors popping into Zooms, etc.

At 2:40 the email came. We had been given the green light to start on Thursday. It is super exciting, but a little bit stressful also as we immediately thought of Zooming to teach tomorrow, check completed work, and add in planning for the first two days in person the first time since last February, coupled with the fact that our school day had officially already ended for the day- phew! We still have many questions- most will remain unanswered until after school Wednesday when we have our “quick” all staff meeting, so yes, tomorrow (and Thursday) will be one of “those days” too! But kids, actual kids, will be in our fifth grade classroom on Thursday and that is pretty thrilling!

6 thoughts on “Yep, One of “Those Days”

  1. Congratulations for returning to school. It’s worth a celebration. This week is strange for sure for you. To have the virtual visit on top of that, oh my. Stay calm.

  2. This is great news, Erica. It will be like starting your school year all over again. I can assure you students really want to be on campus. Well done for all the hard work teaching online and also having an accreditation at the same time.

  3. Good news; bad news – never enough time to prep, but you got this. Finally, to have your students back as you had a new grade this year with Zoom . . .
    Change is in the air here with fall and change is in line for you on Thursday!

  4. I’m glad to hear you are finally going to be in-person with your class. You have to be so excited to be in the same space with your students. That being said, I know that quick turn around comes with its own challenges. Hopefully the community you’ve built – and the opportunity to be together – will help as you move through the first days.

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