Gratiku/Tanka You Today

#sol21- November 2, 2021

In November the Time to Write writing challenge involves gratiku and tanka you poems (mash ups of haiku and tanka and gratefulness/thank you), so here are a few snippets from today:

Back on campus now,

Love is kids in the classroom,

It all feels brand new.

Our Zoomers join us,

Morning Meeting, read aloud,

Never enough time.

Back to school day eight,

Working together in math,

Physically distanced,

Learning to collaborate,

And really sharing thinking.

I might have shed tears,

So proud of the bravery,

These writers sharing.

It happened again,

I am totally in love,

These fifth graders rock,

Trying out new ideas,

Working through the challenge.

Grateful for the Twix,

Left for me with a quick note,

Just the treat for me!

4 thoughts on “Gratiku/Tanka You Today

  1. So much gratitude. “I may have shed tears.” I hear you. Teaching young writers is the joy of every day.

  2. Ah, that is a magical part of teaching, the falling in love. How can we do it year after year?

    “It happened again,

    I am totally in love,”

    Lovely! And what fun to have a secret Twix added to your day.

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