My Own Celebration on Independence Day

#sol21- November 9, 2021

More gratiku to celebrate my day off!

Independence Day,

I had report writing goals,

Proudly accomplished!

Getting to know them,

Celebrating all the growth,

Even while online.

Returned twelve days now,

Grateful most are now at school,

Still missing a few.

While report writing is not my favorite genre to write it does allow me time to think deeply about learners, their progress, and next steps. Today I “exceeded expectations” for my own report writing goal (which still means I have to do lots of revising and editing and add in their strengths and goals), so that felt like a win for a day off, as I also got to read more than half of The Beatryce Prophecy (Kate DiCamillo’s latest-you want it, trust me!) as my reward.

One thought on “My Own Celebration on Independence Day

  1. I love – EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS – I want to look a life like this. And I’m definitely going out and getting a copy of Kate DiCamillo’s latest book! Thank you for this ray of sunshine!

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