Dear Opinionated Kids

#sol21- November 16, 2021

We are nearing the end of a unit of inquiry Where We Are in Place and Time that has the central idea that What is happening in our world can cause a shift in thinking and inspire change. We have focused a lot on opinions, how they are formed, and changed. This week the students are choosing something they have a strong opinion about and then researching to help strengthen their reasoning. They will then create a final piece with all kinds of options on the choice board. The work these fifth graders are doing is inspiring. A few quotes from the last two days:

“Nobody should be gendering anything!”

“Everyone should have a home.”

“World hunger is something we can solve.”

“All genders should have equal opportunities.” (this promoted a great discussion on the difference between “both” and “all”)

Everyone should have access to an excellent education.”

“Climate change is our responsibility .”

These learners are teachers- coming up with great ideas to support their opinions with real action. They have inherited a mess of a world- now I am convinced they will create viable solutions.

As @thelivbits says #kidscanteachus (and I am grateful they do every day).

2 thoughts on “Dear Opinionated Kids

  1. Ah, fifth graders! I enjoy the desire they (and my fourth graders) have to share their opinions, and I’m learning do appreciate the earnestness they have for them. It’s with respect that I recognize most of them are still forming their own ideas, so sometimes I have to sit quietly as they share what I know is the thinking of a parent or older sibling/friend, and that’s okay. I do think kids can teach us, and I think the future is looking pretty good!

  2. > The work these fifth graders are doing is inspiring.<

    The slice you've shared shows that kids can, indeed, teach us a thing or two about much of what we are running around worrying about ourselves. Whether gender, climate, or technology, they have some serious skills that we underestimate.

    Thank you for sharing your students and their genius with us! 🙂

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