Facebook Memories

#sol21- December 28, 2021

Facebook memories are one of those for better or for worse things. Sometimes I am so happy to see the memories- other times not so much.

On this day eight years ago Facebook told me that I ate lunch out with two former colleagues from Berlin while I was in Boston with my mom. I can still remember the fun we had catching up after many years.

Seven years ago my son (#2) was visiting me in Malaysia. We also visited Siem Reap in Cambodia (and even though I have lived in Cambodia for just over three years I have not yet been back- I really should!).

Six years ago I was in Vietnam for the first time and on this day I took a cooking course with other people on my tour. We had only met a few days before and had so many amazing experiences together. I have since visited Vietnam maybe four more times.

Five years ago at this time of year son #2 was visiting again and this time we headed to Thailand. Facebook recently reminded me of the horrible food poisoning we had, but there were also delicious food adventures and massages.

Four years ago… I have no idea- maybe Facebook will remind me tomorrow. I think I was visiting son #1 in Seoul.

Three years ago I went to Berlin to visit very dear friends. Sadly today is the three year anniversary of E’s death. This is a memory that Facebook does not know, but it remains indelibly in my heart.

Two years ago son #2 Christmas here before flying to Vietnam to meet up with son #1 for a long weekend. Who knew then that would be my last time seeing them for a while.

Last year I was here- no traveling. No Facebook memories. This year the same. For the first time in my adult life, I have not traveled in just under two years at all. Even when I was a single mom with two teen boys we managed a bit of travel. Travel was something I took for granted. It was a gift that kept on giving. Living without travel these last few years has had me doing all kinds of reflecting and a lot more writing (and yes, I will admit it- planning for future travels).

As I get ready for 2022 (and you would think that after the last two years I would know I cannot “get ready” for a year) I did some cleaning today. One thing I came upon is a notebook entitled Thoughts and Reflections A Line a Day for 3 Years. Each day there is a prompt and you answer the same prompt on that date for all three years. I have to admit that this might not have appealed to me two years ago, but in this covid time of slowing down am all in for some non-Facebook memories. I am finishing up my eighth notebook this weekend. In January 2020 when Michelle Haseltine started her #100daysofnotebooking challenge I had never finished an entire notebook. Sure, I wrote, but never all the way through a notebook. I started the challenge bc (before Corona), but pretty sure I stuck with it because I needed some stability in my life turned upside down.

Facebook is now not the main place I can find my memories. I rarely posted before and almost never now. #gratefulformynotebook

10 thoughts on “Facebook Memories

  1. What a bittersweet beautiful post. I know what you mean about the Facebook memories. Your posts, your presence in my life, and the world make a difference- thank you. XO

  2. Perhaps not so much travelling outside the country but lots of travelling inward. Congratulations on finishing an entire notebook!

  3. I love that your memories are now your own again – you get to control when they come back and how they are shared. If you are like me, memories are fun to share in the oral tradition – some many more times than others! Happy memory making in 2022!

  4. Oh, you are so wise! Yes, those Facebook memories are double-edged swords. Tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of the death of my mother, and I’m dreading the memories of that day. I need to turn them off.

  5. I love that you sliced about Facebook memories – I agree – they can be wonderful reminders, or not such great ones … but I check mine every day! I am hoping to do the notebooking in 2022…. I started last year, but I need a restart for sure!

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