Unexpected Kindness

#sol22- January 11, 2022

I often order dinner from this wonderful online place. It is a place a friend connected me with at the start of this school year. It turns out it is a husband and wife team (she is Cambodian, he is Canadian) who operate out of their home kitchen. Each weekday before noon they put out their menu for the day- about four offerings. You are under no obligation to order- you can order as much as you like, or nothing at all. The food is delicious, varied, and reasonably priced. They let you tell them when you want it delivered and take all kinds of special orders (no onion, guacamole on the side, cauliflower rice, extra chicken, etc.). Before covid they were providing lunches to a nursery school. Once lockdown hit they started getting phone calls from parents at the school, saying, “What are you cooking tonight? Could we pay you for some?”

Thus, their new business was born and named Hungry Tigers. They now juggle four different platforms (two WhatsApp groups, one on Telegram, another on Facebook) and say that they average about 25-30 dinners a night. They try to use organic options whenever possible and use reuseable containers. They also happen to be the nicest people- always with a friendly greeting and a smile when I go downstairs to meet them, as they do the deliveries themselves too. I do not order every day, but when I do I am always a very satisfied customer.

Yesterday I ordered the beetroot and roasted pumpkin salad (which I actually saved for lunch today-mmm!). When V. arrived she asked me, “I know you like purple, but do you like cats, too?”

Okay, so that was an unexpected conversation starter, but as it happens I do, so I told her so.

“Oh, great, because I made this for you. I just painted it, so don’t wash it yet,” she said as she handed me my surprise. “That’s your name written in Khmer there.”

It is a canvas tote bag and I LOVE it!

“Thank you, I am a bit overwhelmed. It is such a kind gift,” I managed to say without bursting into tears.

“You are always so kind and so flexible,” she said.

I thanked her once more and off she went. When I think of it, I still tear up. There is so much hard right now, that I think this unexpected kindness truly caught me off guard. I am definitely going to bring it in to school later this week to share the story. It goes to show that there are kind people everywhere and you never know when something you do for someone else will mean so much.

I am so grateful for her kind thoughts and beautiful gift.

7 thoughts on “Unexpected Kindness

  1. This has Cambodia written all over it. The small businesses here are just amazing. We always return to the places that treat us like family, love our kids and serve up outstanding products. I’m always on the look out for another city with such a diverse, small and loving community.

    You deserve this sweet momento Erika!

  2. Nothing makes me cry more than someone else’s tears, so yeah, you got my fountain going this morning. What a wonderful kindness!

  3. The totebag — and everything that surrounds it — is such a great gift!
    I loved hearing about the way their business grew. I cannot imagine juggling all four of those platforms!

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