Currently, All Over the Place

#sol22- January 25, 2022

Currently, my brain is all over the place,

I was going to write about the great Zoom we had with the poet, Matt Forrest Essenwine today, (it was fun and informative!),

Then it was going to be about my students’ reactions to the ALA book award announcements (they were sooooo excited!),

Later it was all about my son and his quandary in choosing between two different job offers (I DO love being a mom at this stage of life, too!),

Then it was about some things going on at school, including planning for our upcoming reading week (never a dull moment),

I seem unable to focus on fully developing ideas about any of them at the moment…

This brings me back to the Zoom and one thing that I remember Matt saying is that he loves poetry because he has a short attention span.

I think it is time for some more poetry in my notebook!


9 thoughts on “Currently, All Over the Place

  1. I love how your slice today is like a brainstormed list of writing ideas. I did the same thing yesterday…I jostted down 4 possible topics because I couldn’t focus on just one, either. You are not alone in feeling all over the place. I look forward to reading your poems, once you can focus a bit!

  2. I can relate so much to this brainstorm of slicing ideas. All of them good, but the effort it takes to develop the topic is too much. I do love poetry for its brevity.

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