Six Word Memoirs

#sol22- March 27

I was inspired by Clare Landrigan who tried to find six words to sum up her personal and professional life over the last two years.

I had trouble choosing one set, so I leave you with a few:

Lessons learned I could have missed.

Online school is not for me.

I self isolate a lot regardless.

Cameras on should always be optional.

Comfortable clothing is not less professional.

Technology both connects and divides us.

I can’t wait to hug family.

Happy Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Six Word Memoirs

  1. So many great ones here. My favorite is cameras on should always be optional. Yes, yes, and yes. Anything else is an invasion of privacy. You have some great insights here and I like how you strung them together like pearls of wisdom.

  2. These are great! YES to cameras optional and YES to comfortable clothing. I vowed that post-pandemic I would never wear hard pants again. Not really realizing that we’d just go back to the building in the middle of a pandemic! But the hard pants are gone regardless.

  3. This is great. I’ve really enjoyed reading a number of these 6-word memoirs and seeing how each writer approaches them in different ways. My favorite here is your line about technology, that it “both connects and divides us.”Truth!

  4. Lessons learned I could have missed is my favorite and sums up the two years perfectly. I get the one about cameras off but I teach 2nd grade and even with cameras on it was almost impossible to keep students at their computers.

  5. Soooo many truths in these short bits of thought. Crazy to think each can apply to two years of life. Now you need someone who can sketch you in your comfortable clothes with a screen full of squares with only a few camera on and somehow capturing that you feel fine being at home, alone and yet there are moment where technology induced connections don’t quite cut it.

  6. Erika, happy Sunday to you. (Although, now I guess it is already Monday where you are.) I wrote six-word memoirs about the past two years too, thanks to your inspiration. I like your specific messages–comfortable clothing, optional cameras, self isolation, and family hugs. Beautiful!

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