Covid Cautious Baby Steps

#sol22-12 April

When Covid first reared its ugly head I got cautious, super careful. At 13 I had half of my left lung removed and although it expanded to fill the space I have always been prone to lung issues. I have had bronchitis at least three times and a winter cough for as long as I can remember. At the time of my surgery the doctor told me that at the first sign of congestion I needed to take decongestion, but I hate medical intervention, so I resist.

I decided the best thing for me during Covid was to be careful- extra cautious, and I have been- to an extreme.

I have not traveled beyond the city limits in more than two years- I have not spent a night away from home. I wear a mask whenever I am out, I wash my hands compulsively. I have had four vaccines (the first two were Sinovac, then Astra Zeneca, and most recently Pfizer).

I have missed out on a lot in the last 2+ years. I have not seen my aging parents in nearly three years, nor my sons in 2 1/2 years. This summer I finally feel it is safer to visit the US, so I recently booked my ticket, but I knew I needed to do some other things to poke my head out of my hermitness. A few weeks ago on a drizzly evening, the restaurant I was meeting a friend at would not seat us outdoors- my first indoor restaurant experience in all that time checked off. It is break right now and friends are traveling all over. Taking my baby steps strategy to the next level I have booked a hotel in another part of the city for two nights. This marks the first suitcase packed in more than 770 days. The first time I will sleep away from home. I am feeling anxious, but I know I need to take this next step (with my mask on)…

3 thoughts on “Covid Cautious Baby Steps

  1. Erika, given your lung issues, your extra precautions are understandable. I know you’ve studied all the Covid protocols and keep track of the numbers. Good luck w/ these baby step preparations for travel. Find comfort in knowing anyone headed to the US must present a negative Covid test taken one day before travel. Good luck. I’ll keep an eye on your progress.

  2. My first travel was #CCIRA in Colorado in February. I think you are wise to be cautious and planful. Enjoy your first outing! And have fun with your summer plans! ❤

  3. Erika, your post really explains your caution and well-founded reluctance. Baby steps are good for building confidence and taking away anxiwty. Enjoy the relaxation and rest of the trip to the hotel.

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