Four Friends Reminiscing from Three Countries

#sol22- May 3

While I was teaching today I missed a string of Facebook messages. Maybe 5 years ago four of us went to Khao Lak, Thailand for a week. This week two of the group members returned to the same town, but a different hotel. What follows is the combined recollections of L, H, and M. L and H are there now, M has retired to the US, and I was teaching and ended my Tuesday laughing over these memories! I hope I can travel with them again soon- a fun time for sure!

L- It’s killing me not to know where we stayed. Not necessarily the hotel exactly but I’m curious to know if we are in the same area now. It looks similar but can’t tell if we were here and it has changed bc of pando or if we are 100km down the coast from where we were last time.

Questions: 1. Were we about an hour from Phuket airport? 2. Did we go to a night market? 3. Did we walk there or taxi? There is no market near where we are and I’m wondering if we were even here at all. 4. Were we definitely in Khao Lak?

Also I have no fb posts tagged from Khao Lak.

Mystery, indeed!

from H

Sundowning with sundowners #alliswell

L- Heidi found it! It was here!!!

L- Okay questions 2 & 4 have been answered.

We were here at a hotel up the street, which now has a new name

Anyone have memories of the market?

Alleged market.

M- We did go to a night market – I think. It was a very long walk as I recall. I think our hotel was at the end of the beach. There were stairs to get up to our rooms and the massages were divine.

L- And an elevator. And a ‘drag show’ at a sketchy roadside bar. Right?

It’s all coming together…

M- Yes!

L- We can NOT find that market. Did it have lots of shops and was on a street w cars and food, etc? An intersection also perhaps?

There is a small food-only market up the street now. Could be covid. Could be dementia.

I remember breakfast at the beachfront and talking about the tsunami.

M- Maybe we took a tuk tuk kind of transport back from there – it was on the left side of the street, down hill a bit. Wasn’t it close to the drag show?

L- And a tsunami ‘museum’ in a guy’s garage that had pictures and broken things.

M- We had a lot of salad for breakfast.

L- Impressive, Margaret.

M- Yes across the street somewhere.

L- Yes

And a smaller pool up by our elevator rooms that was made out of pink bathroom tiles!

M- Yep several pools. The one by our room was less crowded.

L- But the market. They’re saying the nearest is an hour up the coast. I can’t imagine the four of us agreeing to a two-hour ride in the back of a pickup truck.

M- No that night market must be gone.

2 thoughts on “Four Friends Reminiscing from Three Countries

  1. memory is a funny thing. Sometimes when we share memory stories with friends it seems like everyone has completely different recollection of places and event. Great that you were able to piece things together collectively.

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