For the First Time

#sol22- May 10

Today, for the first time since March 2020 a group of parents were on campus,

66 proud fifth graders and their lucky teachers were there,

Covid restrictions have changed and we made it work,

Today for the first time, 1/3 of the parents came today- the rest will come in the two days following,

the day ended with students reading feedback shared,

before that fourth graders came to hear them present,

before that, some parents and mentors heard them share their learning,

before that our fabulous music teacher led them in an amazing opening song (“A Million Dreams”- some tear-inducing soloists- vocal, violin, ukulele, and keyboard),

before that, there were months of hard work where fifth graders explored their passions and interests, narrowed it down to six, then three, then one

matching their final choice to a transdisciplinary theme, a sustainable development goal, choosing a guiding question or central idea, crafting lines of inquiry- researching, researching, researching- deciding how to share their learning,

all leading up to today, for the first time,

we were almost afraid to plan for in person, after the previous two PYP Exhibitions were online,

today made it all worth the time and energy and Wednesday and Thursday will be the frosting on the cake as the rest of the parents and many more students get to celebrate these amazing fifth graders. Their topics were as varied as they are- gender equality, plastic pollution, coral conservation, street animal abuse, and so many more.

So grateful for our learning community!

7 thoughts on “For the First Time

  1. Your “Before that” format works so well for this slice. I am crying tears of JOY for you right now. Being together is what we are meant to be. Sharing music, our work and seeing the proud smiles of family, friends and teachers. So glad you could have an in-person celebration! So glad you captured it here and shared. Can’t wait to see you in-person soon in DC! At my daughter’s wedding, it was that JOY of just being together with 70 other people that made us all feel so happy. It has been so long since so many have gathered happily. Enjoy the rest of your week!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It sounds so simple, but the ‘before that’ format really does make for a great story. I’m glad you were able to have your presentations ‘live’ this time. 🙂

  3. Your format is powerful and your hesitancy to plan for in person after years of virtual is something we can all understand. Congratulations for pulling this one off!

  4. This is so exciting, Erika! How wonderful that people are able to start coming back in-person. Good that you still have Covid restrictions to keep to. We have nothing over here and Covid rates are spiking — again.

  5. So glad parents are allowed back on campus. It seems your students have worked really hard towards the Exhibition. Bravo to you Erika and your colleagues for your role in getting all the work done. Ours is in June and parents will be welcome to the presentations too.

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