Making a List and Checking it Twice

#sol22- May 17

It is that time of year! I have to admit when I learned last year that I would be moving to fifth grade part of my wariness was spring. Spring in all schools at every level is busy- spring in fifth grade is next level. Between budding hormones, getting ready for secondary school, and the PYP Exhibition there is a whole lot going on.

This week a few more things are getting checked off the list- today was class placement. We (the grade 5 homeroom teachers, grade 5 EAL teacher, grade 5 learning support teacher, elementary assistant principal, elementary guidance counselor, and secondary assistant principal) all met and learned about the parameters of grouping, then began the process- checking for balance (gender, nationality, home language(s), needs, strengths, engagement level, and more. It actually went fairly smoothly- who knows what changes are still to be made. The secondary assistant principal said goodbye with this thought, “It was easy to see the care and knowledge you were using to make these decisions.”

This group is a special one and this was another check on the long list of things that has to get done.

We then went on to organize more of the celebratory checklist. The fifth graders are actively involved in planning their own Moving Up Ceremony. They have decided they would like to have students speak from each class to deliver speeches written by a small group. The ceremony itself will end with a smoke machine, as per their request. After a celebratory breakfast with the parents we will host different activities of their choice before a pizza lunch or sundae party (the fifth graders have to decide on one) and then a pool party in our school pool. We adults confirmed the details the students had set and made plans for how to get the next steps actioned. By the time that day is over I fully expect that almost all, if not all of the seemingly endless list of things we have to do to finish the year will be done and we will all be ready to celebrate our fifth graders, but it sure feels like there’s a lot to do between now and then (starting with tomorrow’s student led conferences, proofreading a teammates reports, copying and pasting my report comments into Managebace, etc., etc., etc.). Oh yeah, Thursday we start teaching our puberty unit:)

We’ve got this!

4 thoughts on “Making a List and Checking it Twice

  1. And the list goes on!! You captured this time of year so well. It just keeps coming.
    Just keep repeating that last line – we got this!!
    Your school sounds super fun!! I love how much agency you give your students!

  2. Everything checked off the list is evidence of progress.
    So many details to attend to at this time of year that lead to smoother transitions for next year!
    You got this!

  3. It sounds like a hectic time , but I am sure it will be gratifying once the celebrations commence.

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