Summer Has Begun!

#sol22- June 7, 2022

Today on the fourth day of summer break (54 more days to follow) I feel like I am really starting my break.

Today I had my yearly physical and bought my teacher summer notebook (shout out to Leigh Anne Eck). I have a few (okay, more than a few) items to check off my to-do list between now and next week when I will be traveling to the US for the first time in three years. I will see my sons, parents, and other family members and friends there!

This tweet by Shane Safir caught my eye:

This! This is how I will begin my summer notebook and it will allow me to draw a necessary line under this school year and give me the space to relax into the days ahead.

In short, the story of this year was a new grade level, starting the year online (again). A peak was having some students that I taught two years before and the chance to work with some amazing colleagues (in person and virtually). A valley was the personnel changes throughout the year. One important thing I learned is that there are other teachers at school who are also eager to work on DEIJ and other goals at our school and who want to know better to do better. I am different from one year ago because I have had the opportunity to do some powerful PD with colleagues I work with- having these shared experiences helps us all grow exponentially. A hope I am taking into the summer is that our school community is ready to take some important next steps together. #togetherwearebetter

Today, it is too late for me to ask students and colleagues because our school year ended on Friday, but this reflection is one I will personally give more thought to and would like to use again going forward.

4 thoughts on “Summer Has Begun!

  1. Thanks for sharing the reflective prompts. Next Thursday, on my last day, I will write to it and then share it IN PERSON with you when you come to DC. See you soon!!!

  2. Happy summer break! How exciting that you get to travel after three years. May the family gatherings bring you lots of joy!

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