Today’s the Day

#sol22- June 14, 2022

I’ve made my list (three versions)) and I have been checking it (more than) twice. In a few short hours (okay about 36 hours from now) I will be landing in Boston for the first time in three years. There I will see my family and friends I have not seen in three years.

Before that, I will fly from Dubai to Boston, (13 hour and 55 minute flight. My mom will pick me up, but it is always a challenge to find her at the airport…),

Before that, I will fly from Bangkok to Dubai, ( a 6 hour 10 minute flight with 3 hours and 35 minutes layover there),

Before that, I will fly from Phnom Penh to Bangkok, (a 1 hour 15 minute flight, with 4 hours and 55 minutes layover in Bangkok…),

29 hours and 50 minutes from the moment I get on the first flight to when I land in Boston, but of course, before that, I have to go through all the rigamarole of checking in, etc.

Before that, I will jump in my tuk tuk (thanks, Mr. Bo) and head to the airport,

Before that, I will feel all ready to go and have to fill lots of time.

My first flight since BC. I am not usually an anxious traveler, but this time, yikes! I will be the one double-masked carrying my wipes and alcohol spray… I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it once I see those faces! A whole lot of new memories are waiting to be made.

10 thoughts on “Today’s the Day

  1. It sounds like you have quite an adventure awaiting you, with plenty of time to write along the journey. Oh, how I adore Boston! So much rich history, and an outstanding Science museum – and the New England Aquarium where Sy Montgomery did her research for The Soul of an Octopus….so much to be fascinated by there, and then the family that you haven’t seen – – what a reunion it will be! I’m so happy for you. Just having some time to visit and enjoy togetherness is great for the soul.

  2. I really appreciated the “before that” structure of his piece. Wow! Those travel times really add up! Safe travels and happy memory making!

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