She Is Wonderful!

#sol22- June 28, 2022

For the first time in three years I am visiting family and friends in the US. Currently I am in DC, a great chance to spend time with my younger son, who I haven’t seen in 2 1/2 years, visit the exhibits at the annual American Library Association and pick up lots of autographed books and arcs, and catch up with a few good friends.

Saturday night was the meal I was waiting for, though. I finally got to meet my son’s girlfriend! My son is extraordinarily private, so I knew it was someone special when he even told me about her awhile back. I saw a picture and got some biographical details, but Saturday I met her!

It started with a hug- “Is it okay if I hug you?” she asked nervously.

“Absolutely!” I answered.

Then we sat down to chat. She brought me presents- what? I felt bad I had nothing for her- several teas, a candle, some honey, and a thoughtful card. Her card thanked me for raising such a wonderful young man who is her best friend- yes, I cried, luckily I did not open the gifts while I was with her.

During the dinner I found her kind, polite, and patient – all traits that surely benefit my son, too. We both know my son’s cat is jealous of us and found other things in common as well. Her sense of humor and friendliness were evident. The evening passed quickly and when we parted we hugged again.

I know some people have a “nobody is good enough for my wonderful child” attitude when they meet their child’s person- not me, I am thrilled they have found each other and hope that their relationship continues to be a success.

I am feeling pretty great about visiting him- he has good company and it is great to see him so happy! Another check on the successful parenting list!

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