When Writing Friends Meet Up

#sol22- July 5, 2022
Karen from Canada.
Ponyhenge- Google it, really!

Today I had another long awaited meetup! This morning I walked for 20 minutes to meet up with Cheryl- she was here from New Jersey, visiting her son, but really here for the meetup.

We drove the 35 minutes to Concord and buy by bit over the course of the afternoon we gathered. First to join us was Karen- here from Canada, then Heather from Shrewsbury, and finally Christie, from nearby Maynard.

We are friends who have never met in person, but see each other regularly, on Zoom, to write together with Teach Write- a community that has helped us all find a fun writing community.

Today was like catching up with old friends- we know a lot about each other, but we’re also making new connections. We ate, laughed, walked, bought books and writerly inspiration, visited Ponyhenge (see above), Walden Pond, Thoreau’s replica house, and ate and chatted some more. We talked about how we sometimes feel alone, as not all our colleagues are as interested in writing…

Days like today bring me joy! Currently I am on a train back to my mom’s in Boston, but I know tomorrow morning I will see some of these friends and more writing together. Something I hope to do in the school year ahead is try to find some people in Phnom Penh who could be part of an in person community with me, but always, I am grateful for the community here on TWT and my Zoom writing friends from around the world.

PS Part of my writing challenge for myself is to write in at least 15 different places this summer-adding this trip on the MBTA Fitchburg Line train to my list:)

3 thoughts on “When Writing Friends Meet Up

  1. So amazed by you Erika! You take on fun challenges and are always staying the course with writing. Sorry we missed each other in DC! I need to google Ponyhedge now!

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