Summer Wish Lists

#sol22- July 19, 2022

Confession: I started by titling this summer promises, then went to hopes/goals/maybes, before settling on wish lists. I do not know about you, but I love lists! I also love challenges (although admittedly usually only the challenges I set for myself). My notebook this summer is full of lists of things I want to do, buy, and see before summer “break” is over. I had 58 days and now I am down to 12. From that perspective maybe it is the right time to look back at those lists and decide how I will “grade” this summer- have I met my summer objectives? The bonus of doing it now is that I still have time to make adjustments.

My one little word for 2022 is FIERCE and I have not been feeling particularly fierce lately, but I did push through some fears this summer. . My major goal this summer was to travel. I had not been back to the US since the summer of 2019, which meant three years since I had seen my parents and 2 1/2 since I had seen my sons. So, on that front I was successful. I took 3 flights there and three flights back. I also took a train to and from DC to see son #2. All super scary for me because of Covid- I was double-masked- many people on my flights/trains were not (but so far I am negative- I tested a LOT this summer). In my Covid fear, I also bravely attended ALA (a huge conference of librarians, authors, and more) and even hugged a few people.

I also took care of some health things- a complete checkup has led to a few follow-ups I am still working through- this getting older thing means more time on this than I would like, but as I say, better than the alternative!

I set myself some personal challenges- mainly focused around DEIJ, reading, writing, and math. I have attended some virtual PD (shout-outs to Book Love, Teach Write, and Teachers Write), done lots of reading and writing, and with a colleague arranged for a great facilitator to work with our school on “An Exploration of Identity, Privilege and Power”, which will be a strong start to our new school year. I have been more playful in my notebook and trying out some mentor text writing for some of the units we will use this year in grade 5. The one straightforward goal that I may fail is #bookaday. By the numbers, I should be finishing book 46, but alas, I am starting book 35 today, so that goal may be unmet… I will say I have 41 new books, so I do have some fabulous books awaiting my attention, so perhaps.

My number one goal each and every summer is to relax- I can safely say that goal has been achieved. Some days I look back and wonder how the hours slipped away. I had to work hard at being more social while in the US and am grateful I have 12 more days before life gets very peopley again. I am a hermit by nature, so summer gives me time to catch up on doing nothing but sitting too. Considering I have a very busy brain I am very good at doing nothing (evidence- I watched zero movies on my flights and only read a few pages).

Summer highlights are captured in my notebook, I still have lists to check off, but I feel content (and today my friend, S., messaged me about a beach vacation the last week of September- I said yes- it is a quiet, rustic place and it is time for me to see a bit of this amazing country). The quote that Kathleen put in the call for posts today really spoke right to my heart- the silence is what I needed! Now to soak up the remaining days and tick a few more things off my summer wish list.

I hope your summer is giving you what you need.

7 thoughts on “Summer Wish Lists

  1. I love this idea of yours:
    time to look back at those lists and decide how I will “grade” this summer- have I met my summer objectives?
    As I continued to read, I think you get an A for your summe! Expecially with the upcoming visit to the beach givning you the opportunity to be silent (I liked Kathleen’s quote, too!). Thanks for the nudge to reflect on my summer work, too. And I only have 1 month to go. Make the most of your next 12 days. I know you will!!

  2. Summer as a teacher is such an interesting experience with the compelling, yet opposite, drives to rest/relax and get stuff done! This is one of those rare summers where I didn’t really list priorities–I more or less just fell into a stupor. Your post reminds me of the value of such lists and of reflecting on them later. I still have about a month of break, so there’s time. Thanks for sharing your fulfilling summer and for nudging me to consider how I want the rest of my summer to unfold.

  3. Your summer sounds so busy, and I can almost imagine your classroom as I could hear your “voice” in your writing.
    Hey/! Did I miss something? I was expecting a bunch of lists!

  4. I love this post and reading about your goals and summer adventures! I’m so happy you got to see your parents and your sons! And you read A LOT so nothing to be sorry for there at all- so many books! I’m impressed always with your drive and passion. Only 12 days?! We go back at the end of August so I still have more than month off but there is so much I want to do, too. I am relishing the time to relax though- such a gift.

  5. When we first went into lockdown two years ago, I printed labels with “Read Write Knit Exercise” and stuck them on everyday on my teacher plan book. I extended it into next year of remote learning and took great pleasure in crossing out each word everyday. When we returned to in person learning, I stopped. But I really missed it. I thought about restarting for summer break and I have, but the list is only in my head.

  6. Congrats on so many “wins” this summer! My summer has been so lazy… I retired at the end of the school year so I gave myself permission for a lazy summer. My colleagues go back to school Monday, so I’m thinking it’s time now for some “to-do” lists!

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