Check, Check, Check

#sol22- August 9, 2022

✅ Awake before my alarm

✅ Ready before time!

✅ Butterflies in my stomach

✅ Excited to meet them all

✅ Time just races by

✅ Getting to know a new class

✅ I *might* have told some I love them already

✅ Sore throat

✅ Bleary eyes

✅ So tired- is 6:30 too early for bed?

✅ Teammate just asked the same in a text.

The first day of school (yesterday) was successful but exhausting!


12 thoughts on “Check, Check, Check

  1. Erika, I wish every teacher felt the deep calling and love for students that you feel. It’s evident in your words and feelings that you connect on a deep level with your students and look forward to school each day. I also love the way you wrote this post……it’s interesting – – I wrote about my daily checklist and the hyperfocus that I feel as I move through a day also. I need to take time to checklist the things that I love and intentionally put some sweet moments in my day just like yours. You inspire me.

  2. I love the way you shared your first day of school. The use of a to-do list was a brilliant way to get across the frenetic feeling. And I’m sure your students love you too!

  3. Love this, Ericka! Especially – I *might* have told some I love them already. All students need a teacher like YOU! Thank you! I can’t wait until August 29th – when my first day arrives!

  4. From waking before your alarm, to considering via text if 6:30 is too early to retire- your checklist is full of feelings teachers relate to. And like other commenters, your love line is the heart of your piece— just the right tone.

    1. I also noticed this “bookending” or bed-to-bed frame for this one! It perfectly captures the excitement and exhaustion of the first (few) days! And your joy comes smiling through!

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