It’s Getting Real

#sol22- Aug. 23, 2022

Today was our 12th day of school with students, and, as I said to a colleague as we commiserated on our exhaustion, “It’s getting real, now.”

The year by the numbers so far:

* My 31st in a classroom

* 22 students (although I have yet to have all 22 at school on the same day so far)

* 5 of these fifth graders I taught in grade 3

* Yesterday was the first Monday that all remembered to bring their swim things for swimming (and only one left the wet things at school last night)

* We have read 16 picture books and 11 chapters of our chapter book read aloud

* No less than a dozen times today I was asked, “May I work on my writing now?”

I can feel the classroom community growing day by day. The display of treasures shared in our display window and the family photos hung on our 5EV Community board keep us company.

This is the first time since these students were in second grade that they have started the year in person and almost all of them have said, “ I hope I make more friends this year.” I can confidently say that we are off to a great start. The start of a new school year is always exhausting, but it is also exhilarating as well (thank goodness, because, yeah, I am so tired!).

It’s getting real here… and I love it!


9 thoughts on “It’s Getting Real

  1. Erika, you are so in sync to know already what the students’ hopes are for this year. How wonderful that they are coming back to a teacher with open arms, ready to welcome them and watch them grow. Yes, it’s getting real. Every minute.

  2. I love the positive energy of your post! “I can feel the classroom community growing day by day. ” “It’s getting real here… and I love it!” I’m excited to start back tomorrow, though I’m also mourning the looming loss of unstructured time. I’m so glad to hear that you’re off to a great start!

  3. I love how you looked at the school year in numbers. My favorite part was their desire to work on their writing. You have also read a lot so far this year. It will start getting real for me next week!

  4. Good start – just keep going, it can only get better. #1st year and the excitement is still strong and real. Keeps you young, doesn’t it?

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