Reflecting Is Where the Learning Is

#sol22-Sept. 20, 2022

Today I had day 3 of a 4-day professional development (actually it was day 3 of 8, because days 5-8 will be in February on Cognitive Coaching. The website says:

“Research indicates that teaching is a complex intellectual activity and that teachers who think at higher levels produce students who are higher achieving, more cooperative, and better problem solvers. It is the invisible skills of teaching, the thinking processes that underlie instructional decisions, which produce superior instruction. Cognitive Coaching is a research-based model that capitalizes upon and enhances teachers’ cognitive processes.”

I am part of the second of at least three planned cohorts our school is having trained (with 30 people in each group) so obviously, this is something that is highly valued at our school. I heard such great things from colleagues who participated last year that I signed up this year, even though it means I will be involved on two weekends (the course is running Sunday-Wednesday) and I have to write 6 days of sub plans.

It has been very good so far- very engaging, practical, and worthwhile. I am especially appreciative that I get to go through this with colleagues, so we can grow together and support each other (this is why I always love pd with colleagues!).

Today for much of the day we were learning about how to coach for reflection and one of the facilitators mentioned that reflection earns a bad rap with students- they often see it as drudgery they have to complete after the learning. Instead, he intimated that it was the learning and offered us this quote to contemplate:

This might explain why I often feel I need to learn the same lesson over and over- I have not thought about it deeply enough initially… I love learning which gives me lots to think about and this course is definitely stretching me!

8 thoughts on “Reflecting Is Where the Learning Is

  1. Thanks for sharing the background of Cognitive Coaching and the quote. I like the idea of reflecting as the “invisible skill of teaching”. I often close emails to teachers by signing “Keep Reflecting,” It’s the essential skill but also the one that can easily NOT be practiced because other stuff takes up space. I know how much you like learning. Enjoy your PD days!!

  2. So sorry I missed you in Boston this summer! I hope your travels went well. I love the quote and message. Slowing down to think, connect and understand – YES!

  3. We should all keep a copy of that quote somewhere handy! You’re so lucky that your school has placed such value on Cognitive Coaching–it truly is life-changing and must be shared with others. (After Cognitive Coaching, ask about Adaptive Schools–it’s just as amazing, maybe even more!)

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