Too Soon!

International schools have different calendars- by now I am used to starting right at the start of August and finishing in early June. One thing I cannot get used to is the contract signing deadline. At this school, the contract signing deadline was yesterday, October 31. That means that already we all begin mourning for friends who will be moving on today. They do not actually move on until June, but ack- it is too soon to feel that heartstring pull. It is only November 1!

Sometimes we hear rumors or even actual confirmation from people beforehand (based on your friendship level with the people involved), but as early as this morning new jobs were posted on the site our school uses to recruit.

Now comes the “in-between time” when people know they are leaving, but often do not know yet where they will work next (especially if they want to head to Europe, as they generally have much later dates to confirm their contract). The people moving on end up with two full-time jobs because recruiting is a busy time- cv’s to be sent, letters of interest to customize, interviews (first interview, second interview, etc.), searching for information about potential good fit schools, getting intel from friends and friends of friends, etc. It takes a lot of energy and it is hard to maintain the energy needed to go for all that and still keep doing your best job at the place you will be leaving. Of course everyone wants to end on good terms, so they do it all!

This article talks about hating June for the goodbyes, but here’s the thing-in international schools (and likely in many national schools too) the transition is non-stop. My heart is already missing some of the leavers, while at the same time I am excited about their next steps. I am also hoping that some fab new people come here (although they cannot replace the leavers). If you are interested in a job at our school check it out here, then you too, can be part of the cycle. As for me, I am glad to be a stayer for now.


2 thoughts on “Too Soon!

  1. Wow – what an early date to know you, or your colleague are leaving! That seems so hard! Although, I’m sure it gives you the time you need to soak up the year and you get ready for the next steps. I am sure that if those teachers leaving read this, they would know they are a treasured part of your school’s story.

  2. I had no idea that one had to give that kind of notice in international schools. (My cousin and his wife taught in one for a couple of years, but I didn’t know exactly how it worked.) So, indeed, November 1st (and beyond) must be so challenging when you know you’ll be losing beloved colleagues to another place.

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