What’s Popular, Right, Kind

This morning I am thinking about what’s popular and what’s right (and how often these can be in opposition, but that this doesn’t have to be).  Within social media I watch some topics get very hot, reposted multiple times and these are often not the important posts that are really making me think. Often these are quite negative.

I struggle with popularity, perhaps because I have never been popular myself and always wonder what the “magic formula” is. Over and over I tell myself (and I tell my own children and those I teach) that being popular is not always being right, and being kind is what matters even more. Some of these popular posts rip into people in a way that seems very personal. I am okay with people disagreeing, but there seems to almost always be a way to disagree respectfully. I love to hear new ideas, even if I do not always agree with them. I love to think.

I am not a sweet person (as anyone who knows me will tell you), but I am trying to make this blog a place to reflect the me I want to be and that does not mean I will shy away from controversial issues. I have learned so much from people I probably will never meet and I appreciate the open dialogue that social media can enable. I appreciate being a part of the linked world we live in today.

Secretly I want to be kind, right, and popular.

Positive things to focus on  this week include:

Change- so many teachers are talking about the changes they will make in their classrooms this year- together we are better- it is great to think with you!

The How to Learn Math free online course offered through Stanford and taught by Jo Boaler has had me thinking again about fixed mindsets- it is amazing what the brain can do!

Building community- thinking about how to do this locally and globally and glad to have the chance to do this with others- I love the collaboration.

Time- time is so nebulous- sometimes it goes so quickly because we are fully engaged, other times it crawls by when we are not in the moment.

Windows and mirrors- I love this term and how we often look for things that reflect our beliefs and allow us to see ourselves differently (or the same).

This post is the most random I have written (or read) and I am sure it will not make sense to others. It is my 5 minute write this morning.