Pass It On!

#sol22-31 March

The last day of March is bittersweet when the SOLSC is ending. I blogged yesterday about some of what I will miss and not miss. Today I am thinking about how I can pass on the good from the month. It started today when I officially introduced the April Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge to our fifth graders. Because we cannot gather in groups larger than a class size I shared it via Zoom. I shared some of the resources the fabulous Kathleen has curated and talked a bit about my own experiences and the fact that when I started the challenge eight years ago I was so nervous and found support in having my class join too. Now that the two challenges are in separate months I can focus more on the student writers this month. We decided that everyone would slice on day 1 and that after that it was optional. Because we are busy tomorrow we wrote for day one today. Some students posted already and it filled my heart when nearly half the grade said they wanted to try the challenge. (I know some will not stick with it, but merely by saying yes they are taking a step in growing their writer identity)

My biggest takeaway this year in SOL is to pass it on- (with eight explanations to mirrow the eight years I have been writing here).

Pass on a love of writing,

an appreciation of stories,

making connections,

in a community- we all need to be a part of several,

a can do attitude that will take you far,

the eyes of a writer help you live life with more presence- looking out for what ifs and possibility,

progress not perfection,

because sometimes showing up is enough!

Thank you SoL community! See you next Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “Pass It On!

  1. What words of wisdom! We made it to Day 31!! I’m glad you are encouraging your students to join the challenge. I invited my class to write with me my first year and it was so rewarding. If I still had a class, I would do the same. Hope it’s a fun month of writing with your students!

  2. Your nuggets of wisdom are gold. Your students are fortunate that you invited them to participate in the student SOLSC. You are growing writers.

  3. Sometimes showing up is enough! It has been wonderful connecting with and reading you again this month. Your students are fortunate to have such a writer and mentor in their lives. Bravo!

  4. You sound like my Peloton instructors– show up and embrace the progress, not the perfection. Love that! Good luck the the classroom SOL. Somehow I bet you will inspire many of them!

  5. I so enjoyed wriiting with you this month. And love how we posted close to each other most days, you at the end of your day and me just getting started! I predict you will have a lovely April. Enjoy writing with your class!! And do reach out when you visit DC. I want to take you to the newest DC Museum, Planet Word!! And of course, the bookstore or two! Have a great Spring.

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