A Life Revised (or Living Life Bigger)


A Life Revised (or Living Live Bigger)

  • June 3- school ended for the year
  • June 5- flew to Berlin to spend time with great friends, former colleagues/students
  • June 18- flew to NYC
  • June 20- began my first ever time at TCRWP Writing Institute

 I have had an absolutely amazing start to my summer! I almost have to pinch myself repeatedly, as I am in places I never thought I would be (when I left Berlin two years ago, I wondered if I would return. I have long dreamed of being at TC, so this week is a gift I can not believe). Part of what I have loved so far this week is the focus on revision. The more I reflect on it the more I see it as a theme in my own life as well. I am frequently reimagining the me I want to be and I am so happy to be able to able to develop myself in ways that may not have even been possibilities I considered in the past. When I applied to TC I applied for reading and writing. Anyone who knows me knows that I strongly identify as a reader, so I have to admit I was disappointed that I did not get in to the reading institute, while at the same time as I was thrilled to get in to the writing institute. I decided that writing is what I needed most, as it is definitely more of a stretch for me and I made my peace with only having one week here.

Today is Day 2 and I can not begin to explain all that has gone on so far. I love that we are being pushed. We know it is true, that to be a writing teacher we have to write and we are writing in almost every session (not counting all the notes I am taking). We have explored revision in many forms and we have been living life as a student writer- all the while thinking about how this applies to us as teachers of writing as well. Fresh eyes on so many ideas are leading me to want more, more, more.

I am so lucky to be here this week and I know in the long run this experience will make me a better writer (and teacher of writers). Summer is a time for teachers to reflect, renew, refresh, and revise and I am soaking it up. I have met many of my liteacy heroes and the next three days will bring even more! Ralph Fletcher ended his keynote today with a quote from his sister: “You have to keep making your life bigger because things keep getting pulled out of it.” I am definitely making my life bigger this summer!

3 thoughts on “A Life Revised (or Living Life Bigger)

  1. I’m pretty jealous of all your adventures so far!!!! I long to go to the Writing Institute. Maybe someday!! Enjoy your time there and soak it all up! 🙂

  2. Holy cow – did I ever need to hear that quote today. Thank you for sharing Ralph Fletcher’s words that truly spoke to my heart that has getting things pulled out of it. I am about to go make it bigger.

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