Preparation Is Everything


#sol18- March 6, 2018- Day 6 of 31

It is the day before Student Led Conferences, so it all had to get done today- no more procrastinating! For most students the time we had spent on preparation was ample. Today we had a short practice with another class and most seem to feel ready. Students even practiced ways to engage their parents in conversation about their work. After a quick classroom cleanup they were on their way home, but I still had my after school activity and Pilates to get through before heading home. At least the students were feeling prepared.

Arriving home I was faced with a quandary- how to freshen up. We had received notice that large parts of Kuala Lumpur would be without water for up to three days beginning this morning as new pipes had to be installed. My condo management said they had not been informed that our place would be impacted, but warned that the areas all around had been informed so it might be prudent to prepare.  But here’s the thing- I did nothing to prepare- no pots filled with water, no bathtub filled (okay, I do not even have a bathtub), no extra bottled water-nothing! I decided to at least quickly wash my hands and the water worked! Now I am filled with questions. Is our water working again? Was it ever off? Was I just using water that was left standing in the pipe? Does my neighbors’ water use (16 condos on a floor, 19 stories) determine how much water is in our storage tank? Should I wash my dishes? Are all the water sources in my unit connected? But most importantly, will I be able to shower in the morning before Student Led Conferences? What about the second day of conferences? Why didn’t I prepare for this?! Ugh!

4 thoughts on “Preparation Is Everything

  1. livinglife816287820

    Eeks, I fully understand problems with water and its importance! I hope everything works out and you have enough. You paint the picture very graphically and draw us into your dilemma!

  2. Cara Wegrzyn

    It’s so true that when we’re so diligent about preparing in one area of our lives, there’s another area that’s been overlooked. I can feel your worry. Hopefully, it all works out!


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