Because of Extra Time


#sol18- March 11, 2018

Because of Student Led Conferences spread over two days last week I had more time to do lesson planning at school than usual (and I used it, hurrah!). This meant that I had more free time than usual this weekend (and I used it, hurrah!). With my extra free time today I slept later than usual (7AM is a big win for me), filled up my essential oil diffuser with “morning”, read more than usual (determined to finish Smart Cookie in one day), wrote more than usual, noticed more than usual- and this was all before lunch.

I thought about “doing” more, but really, this gift of time was perfect for me. I am the kind of person who does not always handle free time well- I will usually work on projects that suck up all the time, rather than just relax into the space of no demands. It reminds me of how nice it would be to have weekends like this more often, so this afternoon I lesson planned a bit further into the future, so that next weekend will have more cushion time too!

Two weeks until Spring Break here-two busy weeks, so the gift of time was perfect.

6 thoughts on “Because of Extra Time

  1. Your slice is a great reminder. I have my student led conferences next week so I’ll do just what you did, work ahead of myself and plan my lessons during that time, so the weekends become less pressured.

  2. Having time, especially time for self-determined activities never gets old. Of course we’re trained to be productive, to *use* the time, and sometimes that time arrives as a gift and we can savor it for what it is, space we have with no strings attached. Wishing you many more such experiences.

  3. How we spend time is something I constantly think about because sometimes I enjoy the extra time or am baffled as why there isn’t more time. I like your phrase: have more cushion time

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