A Reading Celebration


#sol18- March 22, 2018

Today was officially the last day of our Character Book Club reading unit (only two more books to be returned- hoping they come in tomorrow- reminder emails just sent). The TC unit recommends a celebration that consists of the students creating book lists (in the style of “If you liked Judy Moody you might like…”). This makes sense because part of the unit focuses on identifying similarities between characters, their traits, problems, and reactions, among other things. We brainstormed ideas for titles for book lists and then they were off. They could work alone or with a partner, on paper or digitally. They could add any book they had ever read to their list.

After about 20 minutes of work time, many lists were completed, while others need a little more time. The lists were as varied as the students and ranged from “If You Like Picture Books with Great Pictures You Should Try…” to “If You Are Hungry Read…” to “If You Get in a Bit of Trouble You Might Like” and more.

I promised my students that these lists would go in the school library, our class library, and could be used by future third graders too. It was fun to watch the diversity of their reading interests portrayed on the lists and already they were crowding around the lists looking for ideas.  A perfect end to a busy day!

6 thoughts on “A Reading Celebration

  1. What a fun way to celebrate. I like that you will actually use these with other students to help them find great books. Authentic audiences are so powerful and important! I want to see the list about what to read when you are hungry!

  2. These lists are so useful both for the compilers of the lists and the users of the list. Posting them in the library is a great idea too. Great way to celebrate reading.

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