#SoL20- Day 1-Achievement Unlocked!


#sol20- March 1, 2020

I imagined there might be trumpets blaring and confetti falling, but it was a bit less celebratory than that.

I have been to Bangkok more than half a dozen times and on almost every visit I buy books. Okay, truth be told, almost everywhere I travel I manage to buy books, but Bangkok has more English bookstore options than most places in Southeast Asia, including three branches of Kinokuniya. I feel obligated to visit at least one Kinokuniya on each visit, sometimes two(obligated is a funny choice of words, because I love the store so!).

This trip I am here for four days and traveling alone, so nobody to think of other than me. It is also just a few days after my birthday and I chose to celebrate it by getting my yearly physical here and then buying books!

After my physical on day one, I was in an amazingly positive mood. I dropped off my things at the hotel, grabbed my face mask (so I wouldn’t get scowls on the train) and visited two Kinokuniyas (total damage=12 books for the classroom).

Fast forward to today- I knew I had to pick up my medical report at 1, so on a whim Googled the location of the third Kinokuniya (the one I have never been to). Turns out it was just two train stops away, so mask on face (again) I set out.

It was a bit of a walk from the train station, but I eventually located the mall. The information desk directed me to the sixth floor and I was on my way. Finding it was a bit of a fist pump moment (it was actually inside of a department store, so not so obvious). Somehow I still managed to find six more books to add to my total. I really didn’t think that I would ever get to all three of the stores on the same trip, so felt quite pleased with myself. If only I had found that the books were exactly the same at all three stores then I would not feel compelled to make multiple bookstore ventures on future trips here, but alas, from my purchasing perspective I bought six books at each stop…and now I know exactly where they all are! I achieved the trifecta!

I do not leave until mid-day tomorrow and I am wondering if I will squeeze in a trip to Asia Books-another bookstore with ample English books, but maybe I should stop while everything will fit in my suitcase.

12 thoughts on “#SoL20- Day 1-Achievement Unlocked!

  1. paulabourque

    OH Erika, your love for books is inspiring (and hilariously familiar to me). Hope all was well with your check up! looking forward to your slices this month!

    1. Ms Victor Reads Post author

      It is a little over the top! Did I tell you that I sent three boxes of books from the US to PP last summer (at $100 each!). All was fab at check up, thanks! Look forward to reading more from you too!

  2. clarejlandrigan

    You can always squeeze in an extra book or two! Loved joining you on your book missions — look forward to this month together.

  3. aggiekesler

    I love buying books, too! I have a total obsession like you…which books did you get? Have some mango sticky rice for me!! So jealous you’re in BKK!

      1. aggiekesler

        Yes!! Both of those are classic choices. 🙂

        Are you guys doing online learning due to Coronavirus yet? We aren’t, but we are preparing for it just in case.

  4. sallydonnelly11

    So excited you found ALL three!! Favorite phrase: I achieved the trifecta!
    I ended your piece happy that I took you to my favorite DC bookstore while we were together this past summer. I realized now I didn’t even ask you but reading today’s post shows me I took your happy place – bookstores!!

  5. honderick

    🙂 That’s my girl. Pablo keeps telling me he likes the English books he has more than the Spanish ones. I just know my books in English better but I am a little bias. Can you give me some newbies and goodies, I am going to NYC to TC in March..

  6. BethMooreSchool

    I can definitely related to the feeling of being “obligated” to go to the bookstore – even though it’s the best place! I think that’s the right word choice for it!


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