Keep, Change, Chuck

#sol22- 24 March

More than two years after the start of Covid there is a lot of discussion of what changes it has brought about and what we should keep, change, or chuck as a result of what has happened.

Superficially, today I was thinking about a few things that are changes that I am definitely keeping. One thing that has made me a healthier person is exercise. I was never involved in exercise at all and I pretended that the incidental walking I did was enough. When the school first went online and we were teaching from home I saw even that disappearing, so I bought a stationary bike and started my exercise journey. This I will keep.

Today is Thursday and I indulge in another new routine that I will keep- online grocery shopping. In Phnom Penh, we have many options for online grocery shopping, including one app that strives to be as eco-friendly as possible, including organic produce and more. I do not have a car, so grocery shopping can be a project, but now each Thursday I create my list and schedule the delivery for Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. You can set your preferences as to shat they do if a product is out of stock (common here)- I prefer that they contact me rather than substitute, and the employees who contact me and the employees who deliver could not be more polite and kind. I am happy to pay a small surcharge for this convenience (and honestly it is a small surcharge).

I am sure there are other routines that I will keep (and plenty I will change or chuck), but these two are influencing me positively today and sometimes I need a reminder that there have been some good things that have emerged.

6 thoughts on “Keep, Change, Chuck

  1. I continue to order groceries with an app as well, though my husband stops to pick them up as he likes to select his own produce. I’m glad the bike journey is going well for you.

  2. I’m jealous of the exercise one, good for you!
    Online grocery shopping has been a GAME changer, especially with my two littles in tow. I agree, we’re so keeping that one

  3. Love this title and it has me thinking about my own keep, change, chuck list! I have yet to do online grocery shopping although many of my colleagues and friends do and will “keep” this new routine. Maybe I should I add “try” to the list! 🙂

  4. Yes. There are many things I will keep that first came from the pandemic. Online grocery shopping is definitely one of them. Another is virtual IEP meetings. Wow. What a time saver.

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