Spoiled for Choice

#sol22- Oct. 25, 2022

My poor writing group! I am 10-12 hours later than most of the people I Zoom with regularly. We meet to write- it is their early morning and my early evening and usually I am eating dinner while writing (maybe not the best way to write, but…).

Usually, I am eating a salad and sometimes in the chat, someone will ask for details (confession- I do not make them myself, but order often from a wonderful couple who run a. business from their home (I have raved about them in a slice before- sooo good!).

Today as I sat down to slice someone noticed it was NOT a salad I was digging into.

“That’s not a salad, is it?” she messaged in the chat.

“No, delicious Thai yumminess,” I think was my response.

Thai food is right up there on my list of go-to delicious cuisine, so when I saw Pad Prik it put me in a quandary- salad or this option. Since I had been talking to a friend just last night about my love for Thai food I went for the Pad Prik King Tofu and my only regret is that I did not take a picture to share. I love knowing that whatever i choose from them I will love and at $5 (I opted for cauliflower rice) my wallet is happy too.

It lasted just long enough to get this slice written!

3 thoughts on “Spoiled for Choice

  1. A delicious Slice indeed! You have me thinking that tonight might be one of those nights I’m ordering carry-out. =))

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