Time has been on my mind a lot lately. Mostly I am wanting it to slow down. Yesterday I told my fifth graders that I had been working on their reports over the weekend.

“Already?” Y. asked.

“Already! Can you believe it is almost the end of the semester, which means you are almost halfway done with fifth grade?!”

“How does fifth grade go so fast when fourth grade went so slowly?” she asked.

“Because it’s so fun,” I teased (although in truth it IS so fun!).

“The week after next, we go on our overnight and the week after that is the last week where we will have Book Week and Sports Day,” I added.

This morning I looked at my phone for a quick time check and… ack, the numbers got all fat! I updated my phone and the numbers on the screen are big. Does my phone know I am getting older and making assumptions about my elderly eyes? Is my phone trying to show me how quickly time is passing? How can I change it back to the old, familiar font?

At school today we were ready to start our book clubs, as we are beginning our fantasy reading unit. I passed out calendars so they could plan their reading.

“Some groups will read their book quickly and probably read at least one more, while other groups may take the full time,” I noted. This is partly because the books are all different lengths and complexity, but also because the students have to agree within their group.

“Something’s wrong here, how can there be so few days,” someone commented.

“That’s all the time we’ve got,” I reminded them.

The semester ends in less than four weeks. I want my time on my phone to go back to the old way, and I want our time in our class to slow down. We will lose two of our class members at the break as they move away and gain a new classmate- change is hard. We are in our November groove.

Just like last week, I am reminding myself to slow down and appreciate the now.


6 thoughts on “Time

  1. So first, thanks for explaining why my time numerals on my phone also got so big!!! Your playful, ranging piece shows how both you and your second graders are noticing passing time. It’s good to give them notice of events to anticipate, and reminders of deadlines, of course. I was especially moved by the idea of losing two students and gaining one new. Yes, that is part of time marching along as well, isn’t it?

  2. Whoosh! That’s a big slam dunk of a post. I was commenting on another blog that since September, I have broken my ankle and hit a deer (it actually hit me). I had to cancel a hiking trip over fall break to the North Georgia mountains and turn in my car, wondering all the while the lessons – – first my heels, then my wheels? I think my lesson is the same as yours. Slow down. Savor. Stop living life at a breakneck pace. I am right here with you, friend. The one thing that not a single person can’t have more of is time. Time – – our most precious resource.

  3. You remind me of how seeing time across and down a calendar helps to see it in a way that does feel like we don’t have much time. We only have 2 weeks of school in Decmember – YIKES! That doesn’t feel like enough time! I love the tone of your slice. Through the dialogue, I can tell your classroom is a lovely community. Enjoy the time you have!! Your students and you are lucky to feel that time is flying because you are having such fun!!

  4. The older I get, the more time speeds up. Thanksgiving is already here and I still feel like I’m just getting to know my students. My phone also knows that I’m old and makes the numbers larger. How can that be. Enjoy the slow! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. It’s quite the phenomenon–the perception of time. The details of your post paint a picture of a caring and productive classroom community. And the reminder to slow down is coming at just the right time when I feel like it’s racing by and I’m not paying enough attention!

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