SOLC9- March 9, 2015 9/31


Lego Made Me Cry!

I moved this summer and I had to make some tough choices about what to take with me as I had only a small shipping allowance from my new school. In the past, I had moved with my ex-husband and due to his job our shipping allowance had not had to make these choices before. I was leaving the apartment that my sons had moved out of, as they moved back to the US for university. I was leaving the comfort of a city I had known for many years. I was leaving friends and colleagues. I was happy to get rid of many things. I tend toward saving too much because you never know. Moving is always stressful, after so many moves I know this. When it came time for final decisions the one that tore at my heart the most was the masses of Lego I had to leave behind. My sons are grown and have not played with Lego in years, but looking at all the bricks brought me right back to those earlier days. I know that time has moved on and I am so proud of the young men they have become, but when I looked at the Lego I could see them before. I could see the hours of imaginative play that Lego helped provide. We had accumulated that Lego as we moved around the world. There were always “a few Lego guys” coming with us in the car, in a suitcase, in a pocket, in a hand- wherever restless boys might need something to do. When they were young I sometimes cursed Lego as I trod upon it barefoot. I sometimes had to help solve arguments that centered around who had what. I dreaded the hundreds of pieces all over the floor. Although I would not go back in time to those days I still cried when I gave the Lego away. I am sure the tears had many reasons, as changes are always complicated. I gave the pieces to the children of colleagues and I know they are loved again, but I will always think back fondly to the day the Lego made me cry.


4 thoughts on “SOLC9- March 9, 2015 9/31

  1. Jackie

    Isn’t it amazing how certain objects bring us right back to those days? My daughters are on the edge of teenager life but I found an old crib sheet the other day and it brought tears to my eyes! I’ll be moving at the end of this summer from a four-bedroom house into a two-bedroom apartment, and I know I’ll have many tough decisions ahead–thinking of you in this tough time.

  2. jhaworthoy

    I could sense how difficult it was for you to find a new home for the beloved Lego. What memories you have of your sons playing with them. But there comes a time when memories are enough…and we don’t need the physical objects to hold the memories. Those Lego now have new homes and being loved in new ways!

  3. Allie

    So upon leaving for Malaysia, we purged a large number of things. After losing my mom and my grandma and an unborn child, I just started putting painful things in boxes as I had no emotional strength to deal with them. But leaving presented a practical and financial reason to sort, and toss. It was healing as we cried, and laughed until we cried at all this junk. I’m embarrassed to say that I threw out and donated maternity clothes, a crib, rediculous clothes, and more. Since I have returned and know that a storage unit is waiting for me, I feel much better without much of this stuff. But, through all of this, there is this silly round garbage can that my mom got me for my garage, of all crazy things. I even have tears writing about it as the memory is classic Mom. The garbage can was so needed, she reasoned with me, to clean out my car, clean off my treadmill, and much more. We had so many conversations regarding the absolute necessity of that garbage can. And you know what, and now I chuckle with the tears, she was right! I found this great article about cleaning. We should only keep the things that give us pure job. And as many things cause my heart to hurt, that silly garbage can makes me smile, and miss her, and I never plan to part with it! Thanks for posting!


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