SOLC17-March 17, 2015 Currently


Thanks to Fran McVeigh who recently posted her own version of “Currently” and tried it out in her class of sixth graders. I am going to use this kind of slice to have my third graders practice using strong verbs while keeping a consistent tense, so here is my try…


Waiting for the oven to preheat so that I can cook a spinach pizza,

Listening to the distant sound of traffic 15 floors below,

Reclining on the living room couch,

Scrunching up my face when Pele will not stop rubbing on the computer,

Feeling the gentle breeze from the ceiling fan cooling the area,

Wondering what is rattling in the air conditioning,

Scurrying away to slide dinner into the oven,

Scolding Berlin as he lounges on the table,

Sliding my fingers through my too short new haircut,

Rushing to complete a slice before I eat, (ironically a few slices will be eaten!)

Deciding when my brain is ready.

I look forward to seeing what my third graders make of this kind of slice.


6 thoughts on “SOLC17-March 17, 2015 Currently

  1. Jen

    I love this format! I love your word choice (rattling, scolding, lounges, reclining, scrunching). You created vivid images in this slice. Thank you for sharing!


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