Today Was Very #sol16 Day 3 of 31

Today Was Very


We have two days for parent conferences this week. Today I had 13 of my 17 students scheduled (one cancelled last night while I was sleeping, so only 12 in the end). As a result, my writing will be brief!

Today was very:

  • Inspiring- I love to hear students sharing their progress with their parents
  • Busy- everybody had lots to say
  • Informative- I heard about plans for moves, next schools, requests for next year, and more
  • Insightful- I love to watch the interactions when students are with their parents
  • Interesting- I am always learning more about my students
  • Humbling- watching so many students switch back and forth between their languages always reminds me of how much juggling they do
  • Helpful- I could see which parents wanted more support
  • Rewarding- they have come so far!
  • Sad- it brought home that my time with this group is short- I love these kids
  • Exhausting- it was a long day!

5 thoughts on “Today Was Very #sol16 Day 3 of 31

  1. Katie

    I love how you captured the story of your day in this list. It shows how we have so many fluctuations over the course of even one day. ; )

  2. hollymueller

    I like the idea of sentence starters for a Slice! Conference days ARE exhausting! You made the best of it, though, by looking at all the positives that come from seeing kids with their families. Well done!

  3. Michelle Haseltine

    So many wonderful things to celebrate about conferences! I’d love to know more about your school. Do the students speak multiple languages? What’s it like? (Maybe a new slice?) So glad you showed up on such a busy & exhausting day!


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