Spring Break, I Love You! #sol16 Day 26 of 31


Spring Break, I Love You!

Today is the first day of Spring Break and I am ready for a whole lot of nothing! Today I flew to Chiang Mai, Thailand where I will be until Thursday. A friend and her family are here too, so we will do some things together, but I will also have lots of alone time. I plan to fill it with walking the city, eating good food, getting super cheap massages (about $4/hour), and reading. I have to do a bit of school work, but will limit that! Together we will visit a permaculture farm (owned by my friend’s partner’s son) and maybe go to an elephant reserve.

On Thursday, I fly to Bangkok because Friday and Saturday I will attend a conference led by Ron Ritchhart (of Visible Thinking fame) about developing cultures of thinking. I will catch up with a friend who lives in Bangkok as well.

Now, I have checked in to my hotel room and a ceiling fan is swirling the hot, still air, and I am so happy to be on Spring Break! Forgive me for writing small the next few days!

4 thoughts on “Spring Break, I Love You! #sol16 Day 26 of 31

  1. Melanie Roy

    Wow, what a great break ahead of you to recharge your batteries and enjoy some down time! Have a wonderful time, Erika!

  2. Alice Nine

    Enjoy your Spring Break. You can write as “small” as you want! I have some wonderful memories of Chiang Mai.


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