#sol Packing and Unpacking


Packing and Unpacking

I am a lucky person and I know it. I have lived all over the world and as a result, I have traveled a fair bit. Here’s the thing- I have never mastered packing. Not packing for moves or packing for trips. I am sure that some of this is learned helplessness- I do not enjoy packing, so I do not work at it. My usual  m.o. is to start a list for longer trips (I just decided to not delete my most current list from my phone as it could be useful AFTER I found I had recreated almost the same list in another note on my phone). I generally do not pack until hours before departure, which is really ridiculous when you consider all the stress I experience from my worries that I will have forgotten something (I usually will frantically text a friend before departure asking what I might have forgotten).

This summer I had a long term plan. I was going to be away from home for just over 6 weeks. My plan was to pack my carry on with what I would need and put that inside my checked bag. I was going to carry my liquids, a few books, and my computer in a backpack. Every time I travel I have bag stress. I am never satisfied with the purse/bag I will take- I only want to take one and I want it to be everything: casual, not slobby, big enough to hold necessities without being too heavy, and the list goes on and on. The day before I was leaving town I admired a friend’s bag, only to find out she bought it right near where I live. Being the procrastinator that I am I had not started packing for my late night departure and I figured I needed some errands to fill my day, so off I went. I tried out various versions of the “healthy back bag”. I have to admit I am swayed by color, so purple it was!


Hello! It is not fashionable, but so practical, and that is me anyway- my first time traveling without bag envy.

This summer I have had to unpack 10 times! Only at my long stay place (my mom’s in Boston) did I use both suitcases. I leave for home tomorrow and I know how eager I am to be home by the fact that I started packing yesterday. After arranging things the ways I wanted I weighed my bigger bag-53 pounds. Now I know I could redistribute things to get more of the weight in my carry on, but I rebelled. All summer I have said “no thanks” to  arcs (advance reader copies) and autographed books available at ILA and nErDcampMI. I saved my book purchases for professional books I can not get in KL. I bought some clothes but did not buy shoes, shampoo, or anything too heavy.  Last night I was tired and cranky and decided that I was going to pay extra for a second checked bag. I decided I would buy a smallish duffle which would be a good purchase anyway for long weekends (and it takes up no space when empty). Now today I am regretting saying no to all those arcs and autographed books, but as I prepare to pack for the eleventh time this summer I am off to fill my bag with a few more things *cough*, I may buy some consolation books… and it is still the day before I leave!

Quite enough practice packing and unpacking for awhile!

5 thoughts on “#sol Packing and Unpacking

  1. Linda Baie

    I have to laugh, and then commiserate too. I don’t travel as much, but really just decided that the challenge is that I want to bring “everything” with me. I am clinging to a new goal that less is more, laundry can be done, and I have only a few favorites anyway. I hear you, it’s always a challenge! The purple bag looks very nice, though. . .

  2. Stacey Shubitz

    10 times of unpacking? OMG! I would have a tough time with that. I’m a planner and an organizer. BUT, I’m a terrible packer. I hate it. My husband laughs whenever I have to pack up for a vacation or to go out of town for business since I mope around and complain about it. I’m sure you could teach me a thing or two to get better at packing, right Erika!?!?

  3. maribethbatcho

    10 times means 10 trips, and that is all good in my mind!
    I a m a last minute packer. My husband and I share 1 bag and take 1 carry on. If I forget something, it isn’t a catastrophe. I can always wear my father in laws pants…been there, done that!
    Thanks for the read;-)

  4. Brian Rozinsky

    I know these experiences have been trying (even your baggage has metaphorical baggage, it seems), but this post was a delight to read. Thanks for sharing; best wishes for smooth travels.

  5. Jaana

    I hate packing even though I am actually pretty good at it (due to moving and travelling so much when I was younger). Happy travels to you! I was at nErDcampMI as well!!!!! Wasn’t i awesome?


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