Resets Help!


#sol17- Day 16/31- March 16, 2017

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day in our class. You can read all about it in yesterday’s slice, but suffice it to say, it was! After reflecting last night I came in determined to make it a better day today.

We started with Morning Meeting and I wanted their ideas, so here was my question:


We had a parent in as a guest reader and the students were the best audience! I then shared yesterday’s post and shared responses and I told them that I knew together we could make today better.

We had a busy morning of poetry writing (which ironically included creating word banks for feelings) and spirited debates in book clubs. As we lined up for recess one of my wonderful ones slipped me this note: unnamed-1.jpg

In talking to the messenger it turns out that it was a peace offering- an apology for her part in yesterday’s drama. Of course, I happily accepted the apology.

The day continued well. At lunch recess once a week I allow the students who want the time to come in and read and write freely to do so, and about a third did so (a few forgot and regretted it later) and so they chatted and wrote companionably.

During math students were partnered randomly to work on a project and all were productive. We finished the day with a lesson in how to upload videos to our class YouTube channel to post on our blogs (as EasyBlogger, our former method, is not working).

The positive energy was back. This does not mean the day was perfect- there were still a few moments where feelings were hurt, people made poor choices, or things did not go as smoothly as one would like, but today we were definitely a community of learners in it together. I am so grateful for resets! Phew!


6 thoughts on “Resets Help!

  1. pugluv50

    I love this idea. I think I will borrow it. Three days of indoor recess has given us a bad case of cabin fever. That’s what I wrote about today. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lorie Barber

    I admire your reflection and responsiveness, all in the name of your students. And the chart you made for them to organize and share their ideas is so wonderful! They’re lucky to have you.


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