Living More Bravely


#sol17- Day 24/31- March 24, 2017

In choosing “brave” as my word for 2017 I knew I would be uncomfortable at times, but I felt I needed to push myself. These last five days have been an example of me trying to live more bravely. I wanted to travel over break and had no ready travel companion, so I did it alone. It is hard to believe, but at my age, this was the longest time I have been on vacation alone, ever. I love exploring new cities, but I tend toward lazy, so I also knew that alone I might not see and do as much as I should. Traveling back to KL today I feel a bit proud. Of course, I could have done and seen more, but I did push myself outside my usual comfort zone and it was okay! In fact, I am confident that I can do a solo trip again.

Choosing brave is a good reminder to me that there is always a choice and sometimes I need to remember that I can do more alone. Here’s to a peaceful few days ahead getting things done at home, with more brave ideas already swirling in my head.


8 thoughts on “Living More Bravely

  1. sallydonnelly11

    Your post gets me thinking about alone and with others. It is true that sometimes lots more gets done or seen when alone but then with others I tend to also do more and more. It sounds like you have the perfect balance of activity and rest, while alone. Very brave, indeed!

  2. franmcveigh

    As a fellow “Brave” #OLW slicer, your adventures are quite brave! When I’m traveling somewhere I, too, must plan and plot to “do more” because I really am a homebody. A book, gosh, I could just relax and veg out and LET the world go by. But that defeats the purpose of visiting and traveling. Some days are so much easier than others!

    And “little braves” do add up. It’s cumulative! ❤

  3. parkers

    Brave empowers us to live into taking risks and thinking outside our zone of comfort. When I ent to France by myself and was lost for four hours wandering Paris, it filled me with bravery instead of dread. It is one of my fondest and bravest memories!

  4. maryannreilly

    Yea for you! Traveling alone is difficult especially illy for holidays. It’s wonderfully inspiring to read how you are putting your OLW into action.

  5. Ms. Pesta

    I to have traveled alone later in life. I do love it! I need the alone time, but I do enjoy meeting people and striking up conversations on these alone trips.
    You end up learning so much about yourself and others. Plus, your confidence grows. Good for you!!! SO, what’s your next trip?


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