#sol17- Day 28/31- March 28, 2017

At the start of January, my friend Linnea visited Thailand with her sister. There they met a kind man, who happens to be a Buddhist monk, who has set up a training program for 26 young woment to train as nurse assistants each year. These women come from difficult backgrounds and knowing the odds, he believes that many of them otherwise would have ended up being trafficked. Linnea was so moved by her visit with the women that she decided she wanted to make a change. After they leave his place they move to a hospital for a two year internship, but for the first month they receive no salary. Linnea decided to start a fund so that they could have at least one week’s wage ($30) to get their start. Of course others of us were moved to help in our own small way. I had leftover Thai baht from my last trip there that I donated happily. Linnea is going to attend their graduation ceremony later this week and will present them each with a handwritten card containing the graduation gifts. Tonight I wrote my card and I know that words can not truly express how brave these women are, but I tried. “Sun” will get her card and know that a stranger cared.


Today I am grateful that Linnea shared the great opportunity she saw to help some brave women have a better start to their new careers.

5 thoughts on “Brave

  1. Wow. This is truly wonderful. And it IS those small things that can be so big to someone else. You are a lovely person for seeing a need and helping to fill it. Bravo.

  2. It is a beautiful thing when people help others. I’m glad you helped and thanks for sharing about your friend and these young women.

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