Saturday Morning


#sol18- March 3, 2018 Day 3 of 31

Saturday Morning

Grateful I can sleep late, but waking at 4AM in a panic (forgot to add something to the grade 3 newsletter that goes out today),

Going back to sleep is a skill I have lost lately,

Then suddenly realized the “fix” to posting S’s video so did that too,

Checking news saw wild weather “at home” so texted mom and dad to check in,

Before I knew it a day of leisure got filled with plans- lunch date with friends,

A movie scheduled for later,

Sounds like just what I need after a busy week!

8 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. At first I felt bad that your relaxing Saturday was so rudely interrupted by tasks with deadlines, but then happy that time with friends will make your day better. Have fun!

  2. I always say I am going to sleep in on the weekends but always end up getting up by 7!
    Anyone who says teachers have weekends off from teaching is crazy…we do bring our work home with us in our minds even if we don’t physically bring stuff home.

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